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CEA just concluded an exeptional Intergenerational Road Scholar week in Florida.  Lead by Coordinator Tom Murray, some of the Road Scholar participants had the following comments:

--"My grandson is a very active fellow so this program was great for him. We had a lot of fun. Since we do not live very close to each other, the intergenerational programs are special times for us to enjoy each others company as we learn new things."

--"Whenever we do an intergenerational program I certainly want my grandchildren to enjoy themselves; however, I also want them to have new experiences and to come away from the program with new knowledge. I feel that this program provided all of these things."

--"This was one of my favorite intergenerational programs that I have participated in. All of our group leaders showed a love for this area of our country which made it fun for our group to learn. I feel all the instructors provided an outstanding and meaningful learning experience."

--"Tom Murray is an absolutely fabulous Program Director. He exhibitied a singular ability to entertain us as he shared his vast knowledge of the local history and he managed to keep the children in the group both under control and deeply involved throughout the week, without ever sounding like the "bad guy. Both my grandson and I enjoyed this trip a great deal and I will most certainly recommend this program to others."

Center for Educational Adventure will officially take over operations in Memphis beginning in fall 2012. The program date is October 21 - 26. The Road Scholar Program Number is 12347. Register today!

• Learn the story of Memphis blues and delve into the lives of legends from the “Father of the Blues” W. C. Handy to “The King” Elvis Presley.
• Study the mighty Mississippi River’s environmental influence at Mud Island River Park.
• Enjoy some good eatin’ at Memphis institutions like Paulette’s Restaurant

Fall Dates: 10/07, 10/14, 10/21

Join us on the River Gorge Explorer this fall and cruise through the famous Tennessee River Gorge, also known as the Grand Canyon of the South. Enjoy the beautiful fall foliage as you settle in to the tradition and hospitality of the riverboat era. A detailed narration will tell you all about the Tennessee River Gorge, how it was formed, and highlights along the cruise route. The Gorge, 27,000 acres of land carved through the Cumberland Mountains by 27 miles of the Tennessee River, is one of the most extraordinary natural treasures in the Southeast. 

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"Excellent leader. Whole program was good. I am a new widow and am very pleased about how easy it is to work into a crowd of Road Scholars and be comfortable. Thank you for making that possible."


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